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What are your commission fees?

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Each property is a bespoke situation and we need to visit your property before offering our professional opinion.

Do you accompany all viewings?

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Yes we do

Which days of the week can I view a property?

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Seven days a week with advanced booking

Will I incur any costs when listing my property with Hunt?

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The only thing you need to pay for in advance is a current E.P.C. Certificate but you may already have one. Optional upfront costs on marketing packages can be if agreed, ask about our premium marketing package.

Where do you advertise my property?

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On Hunt Property Website and our Magazine, Rightmove, On the Market, West Essex Magazine and local press. You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook which we also use to promote our properties*.

What happens when I get an offer on my property?

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We are here to progress the sale from start to completion by liaising with all parties at every stage of the sale.

What happens if the sale falls through?

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We simply re-market your property and keep sending prospective buyers round.

Do I have to pay for advertising?

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No, it is included in the commission fee. However, we offer a premium marketing service which is paid upfront.

How long is the contract?

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Sole agency is normally 16 weeks.

Can I go multi agency within my contract?

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Yes you can but please bear in mind the commission fee will increase.

Have A Question on Buying or Selling A Property

Thank you for looking into our frequently asked questions. Hunt Property Services understand that you can’t always get to our consultants during your standard working hours. As such, we have collated our most frequently asked questions on the sales and purchase process. Please scroll down for information on the lettings process and for finance and payments.

What's the council tax band and price?

What would this property sell for?

Hunt Property Services LogoWhilst we appreciate that you can fall in love with your rented property, our landlords are often professional landlords and their assets are rarely up for sale. Keep an eye on our for sale stock for an idea of pricing for your property.

Will the landlord take an offer?

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These all vary depending on property. On the whole our landlords stick to the listed monthly charge. We do however put all offers to our landlords

Will they accept pets?

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Usually but you would have to pay a larger security deposit.

Is there a service charge or ground rent to pay?

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No the landlord pays for these

Do I have to put the bills in my name?

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Yes you will be given the meter readings when you move in, then you give them to the provider you want to use and tell them when you moved in.

Is there a break clause or what's the minimum term?

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Usually the term is 12 months with a 6 month break clause. However, you can also ask our agents about our short let service which starts from 1 week.

When would I have to give notice?

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2 months notice is required. If a 6 month break clause it needs to be given at month 4 to leave at month 6, or at month 10 to leave at month 12.

Who will be managing the property?

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Usually we manage the property at Hunt unless the landlord has decided to manage it themselves.

Have A Question About Renting or Letting?

Hunt Property Services are the go to agent for landlords letting property on Repton Park. We manage over 3o properties on the estate and that number is growing weekly. Our hands on property management service is fully supported by our knowledgeable team who ensure our strict referencing process is always adhered to.

How can I pay out of hours?

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You can use the link provided to make out of hours payments or by transfer to our bank account – When prompted use reference (example) 5 Nth depos (5 Northumberland House deposit)

Our late payment charges and policies?

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All late payments are liable to a £25 per day charge

When do I have to pay my rent by?

Hunt Property Services LogoYour rent should be paid no later than the morning of the due date as the funds need to be moved to the landlord. As of January 2019, we will collect all rents by Direct Debit which means that anybody not doing so will be liable to the late payment fee or potentially being served notice.

How do I pay my Sales deposit?

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Sales deposits can be made by bank transfer using reference provided

How do I pay my rental deposit?

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You can use the link provided or via bank transfer to our bank account –

When prompted use reference (example) 5 Nth depos (5 Northumberland House deposit)

Where can I find HPS bank details?

Hunt Property Services LogoCall the office on 0208 502 7667 or speak to your consultant.

Where is my damage deposit securely held?

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The Deposit is held with The Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS). You will receive an email with an ID code once it has been deposited.

When will my damage deposit be returned?

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Once the Inventory and Check Out are completed and any deductions are agreed the deposit will be returned.

How are rents collected?

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Direct Debit or online payment link. Please note that late payments automatically incur a daily £25 late payment fee. This will be automatically added to any link sent out.

Out of hours number for maintenance?

Hunt Property Services Logo07719 987 904

Have A Question about Payments or Finance?

In the process of selling, buying, renting or letting property, finance always plays a significant role. As such, Hunt Property Services have collected a number of questions designed to give you the best possible upfront answers. If you can’t find something that you need help with, ask our online chatbot or call us during office hours on 0208 502 7667.

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